Downtown Hamilton Splash Pad Tour- 2020 BEGINS!

Stay cool, everyone!

Our condo hasn’t sold, we are in the midst of a pandemic, I have not found a job now that my mat leave is over…..oh yes, there are a myriad of subjects I can be writing about. However, let’s focus on the present: it is HOT outside, it is summer-time, and the splash pads are open, baby!

Did you know that Hamilton has 62 splash pads? (called ‘spray pads’ on the city website). We actually have more splash pads per person compared to the city of Mississauga! So I figured- why not use this extra time avec bébé to do a downtown Hamilton splash pad tour and rate them? P.S- Can this be a job? As this blog focuses on downtown Hamilton specifically, I will visit splash pads more within the ‘core’. This means the area bound by the lake and escarpment, as well as Hwy. 403 and Gage Park. I also plan on writing a special ‘suburban splash pad’ edition later on in the blog to see how they compare.

An additional note, I will be rating the splash pads as though all surrounding amenities can be used and using the following criteria on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best.

  • Location: Are there additional features nearby that add to the appeal ie// playground? waterfront?
  • Shade: Are there trees around to keep cool?
  • Usability: Is the splash pad easy to operate?
  • Fun factor: What kind of sprays are there? Are they fun and colourful?
  • Splash factor: how wet can you get at the splash pad?

So here it goes! Let the tour begin!

Pier 4 Splash Pad

City of Hamilton//Twitter

What a location! This splash pad at Pier 4 lies right next to Lake Ontario which lends to a beautiful view. It is also next to the big on-theme boat playground where kids can run around. While a nice, colourful installation, a few points were docked: First, the way to operate was not entirely clear. While there is a post, there is no button. It seemed to turn on the round circles but not the tall spouts. Others were also confused. It seemed to operate randomly so there was a lack of control. Secondly, there is little shade. While it is at the waterfront, trees are further away and one small patch of shade from a tiny tree was the closest thing we could find. Bonus points are for the rings which were like a human power wash. Awesome for a great cool-down.

Overall: Come for the beautiful location and the spray factor. Bring shade.

  • Location: 5/5
  • Shade: 1/5
  • Usability: 2/5
  • Fun factor: 4/5
  • Splash factor: 5/5

Have you been? what did you think? Also, any other criteria I’m missing? Let me know!

Next time: H.A.A.A Grounds Splash pad


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