Splash Pad Reviews: H.A.A.A Grounds & Victoria Park

Hi everyone! In today’s post, I will be covering two popular downtown splash pads: H.A.A.A Grounds which are right next to Locke St., as well as Victoria Park. So let’s get right to it:

H.A.A.A Grounds

On a hot, sunny day, Scott, Briar and I were making our rounds on Locke St- strolling to get a donut at Donut Monster as well as a drink from Democracy. How convenient that this splash pad is one street over at the little park where there is a playground, dirt running track, basketball court and plenty of trees. You can even see/hear people playing tennis nearby at the Hamilton Tennis Club. This splash pad was the very first we visited with Briar and actually inspired the idea of our 2020 splash pad tour!

The day that started this tour 🙂

While the splash pad itself is small, it wins points on location, availability of shade and the cute variety of colourful sprays. With close proximity to Locke St., one can easily tack this onto a stroll around the neighbourhood while enjoying the local shops. There are plenty of trees and grassy areas, so finding shade or a place to sit is not a problem. The splash pad itself is simple but brought lots of joy to our baby as well as two other kids there. The button to activate is easy to locate and responsive.

Overall: Simple, but does the job; lots of shade and a perfect stop to/from Locke St.

  • Location: 5/5
  • Shade: 5/5
  • Usability: 5/5
  • Fun factor: 3/5
  • Splash factor: 2/5

Victoria Park

With Victoria Park right along King St. W., one drives by this site so often. I came to check it out with a friend and her son who is just one month younger than Briar.

The splash pad itself sits at the centre of the park surrounded by tall, shady trees, a new playground and some benches. However, I won’t lie- at first glance, the splash pad looks a bit older, weathered and in need of some sprucing up.

The sprays itself are very simple (4-5 gentle fountains from the ground and then two posts that spray water from above/sides). However, they are surprisingly responsive (motion detector in the post that starts the water). Points deducted for lacking a bit of creativity and splash factor. *Do note, this splash pad is meant to undergo renovations when the excavation work in the park will be completed.

Overall: Lots of shade and grassy areas, sprays that are gentle enough for babies and it gets the job done. Just missing some colour and creativity.

  • Location: 5/5
  • Shade: 4/5
  • Usability: 5/5
  • Fun factor: 2/5
  • Splash factor: 3/5

Let me know if you have any recommendations of splash pads! The tour continues…


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