Baby in a Condo

Squeeze in and get comfy! It’s time to fit another body and all their gear into your 800 sq ft space! To some this sounds completely un-doable and people often why and how others could possible raise a baby or child in an apartment/condo. I have previously done a city vs. suburbs post but how about a condo vs. house post? I think a list of pros and cons is a good place to start so lets get to it:

House Pros

  • Typically larger square footage= more bedrooms, more baths
  • More storage space (basement/attic)
  • Backyard/front yard green space
  • Can grow into the house if you want more kids later on

House Cons

  • Price = more expensive than a typical condo
  • Maintenance: yardwork, more square footage to clean
  • Usually it’s a long-term, fixed decision in terms of location
  • More room for storage = you collect more ‘stuff’
  • Tend to be further away from amenities
  • You will need to really baby proof house (stairs, more doors, etc)

Condo Pros

  • Location is usually central, close to stores, shops, big public parks
  • Overall costs are much lower
  • Less room = less cleaning, less accumulation of ‘stuff’
  • Provides more flexibility in terms of location for life changes
  • One floor = no stairs to baby-proof and the baby room is super close
  • Elevator- phew!

Condo Cons

  • For us, we can’t bbq on our balcony (city bylaws)
  • Small space = less storage (we store camping & ski gear at our parents’ houses)
  • More for the neighbours: They will likely hear baby cry….A LOT
  • Space gets smaller as baby accumulates more stuff (high chair, toys, etc).
  • What if you want more kids later on? Do you have the space?

I always look to the Europeans who mostly live in apartments and small older spaces and yet seem to love it! If they can do it, can’t we? Nonetheless, there are always compromises one needs to make regardless of what is chosen.

I’m thankful that by reminding others we live in a condo where storage is tight, we can turn down (without offending) extra items like baby clothes, etc. Instead, we have been able to reduce clutter and live more minimally with only requesting must-haves/practical items (I didn’t have a baby shower so we tend to get asked what would be helpful). I’m sure more stuff will come with Christmases, birthdays, etc., so whatever we can cut down on now, the better!

Any tips to help live in a smaller space? Did I miss any pros/cons? Let me know your thoughts!


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