Let Me Introduce Myself…

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. My name is Melissa and I am currently perched at the Mulberry Coffee House in downtown Hamilton, thinking to myself- how hipster and millennial of me! Here I am blogging at a local, independent coffee shop, not at an office desk but still somehow making money and desperately needing the world to know my thoughts on things.

Millennial blogging sustenance

So where did this come from? Mainly from the fact that I am enrolled in a marketing course through McMaster that is requiring me to interact more and thus, start this! But to be honest, like most things digital in my life, I figure it is a good place to organize my thoughts, store information to later reference and hey- maybe learn how to be more tech-savvy. Plus, share! I love to share (which I’ll get into later) to also help others out!

Warning: This blog title is a bit misleading for now. I am not a ‘mom’ via baby or animal at the moment, but my husband and I are expecting our first wee-one in June. With impending maternity leave and simultaneously living not in the mommy-burbs, I want to see and share what I can do during that time to not go crazy, see what resources are available and share my biased ‘downtown’ thoughts on all things parent.

For more info on who I am, or if you’re just feeling nosy or curious, feel free to click on that “About Me” section.

Here we go!


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