City vs. Suburbs

Oh, I have been itching to do this post for some time! Why? Well, this strange phenomenon has been happening to almost everyone I know... Friends happily live downtown and then BAM- a year or two after having a kid they get up and leave it all for a house in a suburbs. I think …

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Dad-Friendly Baby Programs in Downtown Hamilton

Source: Here's to dads! Times have a-changed and men are now spending more time than ever with their little ones. How great! On top of this, the new parental sharing benefit in Canada further encourages men to spend more time with their new babies to promote greater gender equality. So take advantage! But with …

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March Break: Downtown Hamilton Edition

The pressure!! Ahh! It's March Break and the city is overrun with children! All your favourite coffee shops and downtown haunts have filled their tables with kids, their exhausted parents and very happy business owners 🙂 What is going on specifically in downtown when school's out for the week? It is currently Wednesday with a …

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