3 Unique Reads for New Parents

So I’m 2 days past my due date and I’ve got time to kill! Our community garden plot has been watered, our kombucha’s scoby is now resting in its vessel (it’s a fun little activity if you’ve never tried it!) and my blog is right here, available to be updated. Wow, those just sounded super cliché hipster, no? haha. Well, I thought this would be a good time as any to cover 3 unique books Scott and I have finished that cover interesting aspects to the whole baby thing. I found each one very different but very valuable as well and there are two you maybe haven’t heard of. So here it goes! My parent book picks:

The Classic: “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff & Sharon Mazel

Everyone has heard of this which was later turned into a movie (better than you would think and now on Netflix)! Want the breakdown week by week of what is happening to the baby? To your body? Looking for answers to commonly-asked questions? This is a medical-leaning reference book that is the classic read and was fun to use with every progressive week. It’s easy, concise and you can pick it up and leave it as you like.

Good for: First-time pregnant women and their partners, those who enjoy reading facts and straight-forward information. It’s a practical read and covers everything from conception to the first few weeks of newborn life.

The Modern Guide: “Bringing up Bébé” by Pamela Druckerman

How does one raise a baby and toddler without losing their mind? The French apparently have figured it out and this American ex-pat parent goes through lessons learned by watching her peers. It’s a very interesting read with anecdotes sprinkled throughout that are quite entertaining. It’s interesting to read how other cultures approach parenting and raising children. If the French can parent and look chic while doing so, I’m willing to at least learn some tips!

Good for: Those raising children in the city, first-time parents but also those with toddlers and kids of an older age; those interested in how other cultures raise babies and Euro-centric approaches (ie. recipes included of what the French feed their children).

The Scientific Approach: “Crib Sheet” by Emily Oster

Do you love reading data, studies or journals? Are you more scientifically-minded? Well, this could be up your alley. This book written by an economist looks at various aspects of pregnancy and parenting (vaccines, SIDS risks, eating sushi while pregnant, breastfeeding vs. formula, daycares vs. nannies etc.,) and weighs the results to produce a takeaway. With so much information out there, she carefully parses through it, examines the quality of the studies and analyzes the data to produce overall outcomes. A very interesting read with many results I did not expect.

Good for: First-time or any expecting parents, those who like data and numbers but want don’t want to sift through all the conflicting studies.

Have you read these or any good, unique parenting books? Let me know! I’m still around with time to read!


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