Free Stuff for Us Pregnant Ladies

Free stuff? Yes please! (Image)

I am no mooch, but I am also not above accepting free stuff if it’s decent, offered and right in front of me! I’ve always done it- in university I would volunteer to do MRIs for psych profs to scan my brain for extra cash (for $75US per scan it paid well!). As a brand ambassador at the LCBO doing tastings, I loved when people would interact with me to make the time pass in exchange for a tipple. SO, I am big on anything that provides an opportunity for something tasty to eat/drink or something free that is of pretty good quality and equally helps someone out.

Considering I am no longer employed, seeking out any free stuff for myself and our future baby is something that has recently re-entered into my consciousness. Employed or not, you are likely also a lover of free quality things! So for those who would like to take advantage for yourself and your baby, here are my top picks!

  1. Research Studies- Help a researcher out and get paid or compensated in some form. Recently, I got a $20 gift card to Starbucks after participating in a pregnancy study that took 30 min and was all done by phone. Here are some places to keep an eye on:

2. Thyme Maternity Bump Benefits Perks- You will be needing maternity clothes at some point so while you shop at Thyme, sign up online or in store and receive their welcome gift! It includes: a newborn baby bottle, prenatal kit, stretch mark cream, baby pouch, breastfeeding guide, a pack of newborn diapers and various coupons!

Sign up here for your box of goodies!

3. The Baby Box Co.- This comes from a Finnish tradition where newborns are given a simple box to sleep in to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). This box is pretty much a simple, no-frills bassinet but is filled with free stuff inside! It comes with a little mattress and a mattress cover, along with a package of Pampers newborn diapers, wipes, a pacifier, coupons, some baby oil or wash and even a little onesie! Just answer a few quiz questions, view a few short educational videos and receive yours in the mail.

4. Nestle Ready for Baby Pack- Register and receive this about a month before your due date! Includes: prenatal vitamins, coupons, baby rice cereal, a diaper bag, changing pad, baby bottle, etc! *waiting for mine to arrive to see what exactly is included as this can differ from what’s listed*

5. Similac Club- lists up to $175 worth of gifts including: coupons and rebate cheques, free samples for babies, support & advice. I haven’t signed up yet but definitely will!

No harm in getting some free stuff while you can- life is only going to get more expensive from here! If these don’t apply to you, maybe share this with a friend or family member and let them know of these great resources to help them out in saving a few bucks!


2 thoughts on “Free Stuff for Us Pregnant Ladies

  1. good finds. I used to enroll myself and my kids in all kinds of paid things to help with clinical and research. Standardized patients was a big one at the hospital and university. Through this the kids learned a lot – what do physiotherapists do? what is university like? etc. and they made some good spending money!! Also when my kids were little, I would be on the internet trying to get as much free stuff as I could – like the similac package. 🙂 way to go! all the best to you and your baby!


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