Diaper Options in Downtown

Truth: I have never changed a poopy diaper. Is this a (hashtag)#blessed moment? I thank my lucky stars. But all that is ending soon and knowing this, my husband and I are looking at all things diapers. What do we even look for? How about I write down my must-haves:


  • Get fresh diapers delivered to our door every week while stinky, poopy ones magically disappear
  • Save $$$
  • Baby has fewer diaper rashes
  • Reduce frequent trips to get giant boxes of diapers to lug around
  • Something more environmentally friendly
  • Gets baby potty-trained ASAP

Gotcha! This isn’t a wish-list- we will actually get this living downtown! And you can too. Cloth diapers have been around for years but are now gaining in popularity due to the benefits listed above. While you could definitely use cloth diapers on your own*, there are two cloth diaper service companies who provide delivery services within downtown Hamilton!

*If you are interested in doing cloth diapers on your own, Barefoot Babies on Ottawa st. carry them and also have pre-loved cloth diaper sales, support groups, resources, etc.

Cloth Diaper Businesses that service downtown Hamilton

  • Bear Bottoms– Using fitted, cotton cloth diapers, Bear Bottoms has operated since 2006 and has a variety of diaper packages to meet your needs.
  • Unlimited diapers delivered and picked up starting from: $19.95 + a small fuel charge based on your location

  • Comfy Cotton– Around since 1988 and with a variety of packages available, Comfy Cotton uses flat, pre-folded cotton cloth diapers.
  • Pricing starts at $21.95 with no extra delivery or fuel fee; save more if you pre-pay for a few months

Wondering how cloth diapers compare to regular diapers? Here’s a short, balanced overview going over the pros and cons of each system:

What do you think- are you familiar with this? Would you try it? Any lingering questions? I am both optimistic and hopeful that using cloth diapers will be a positive experience, especially since diaper changing won’t be! I will definitely let you know how this shapes up further down the road in a later post. Wish me luck! haha.


7 thoughts on “Diaper Options in Downtown

  1. LOL did cloth diapers with twins….let me tell you that lasted a whole 2 months before I gave up! but you should most definitely try it and see if it works for you! I also did not have the delivery service diapers, I washed and line dried myself…maybe that is why it didn’t work for me lol


    1. Haha, I know- we aren’t sure if it’ll work out but I do know we could not do it ourselves! The delivery pick up and drop off should make things easy for us first-timers. That many diapers for twins would be tough to do yourself!

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  2. Reading on how many times a baby goes to the washroom in a single day, multiplying that by the days and weeks, I would not be able to do cloth. Although I do agree that cloth is better on the environment!


  3. SO TRUE. They do go a lot! We may supplement with disposables when we are out and about. We are trying out just one month and seeing how that goes before we commit to a longer service. I’m just happy to also avoid those crazy Costco lines and giant boxes every week!That would be insane.


    1. Yes, I’ve heard of the diaper genie! Smell is the one big thing I’m worried about using this system because 1. It’s summer time and our house gets warmer than usual and 2. Cloth diapers get picked up at the end of the week which means a week’s worth of diapers! Terrifying. Especially in the heat. It’s unfortunate you warn about peanut butter. We eat it religiously in my house. Yikes….Thanks Louie!


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