Pregnant and Thirsty!

With patio season right around the corner, us pregnant ladies don’t have many options beyond a mocktail, gingerale or water. What is a beer-loving girl to do?? Luckily, my guest blogger for today’s post may give you some options on what you can enjoy when the sun is out and you’d like to sip on something along with the gang. So read below!

Goodbye beer…at least for the next 9 months.

Hey friends!  My name is Tansy and I am the girl behind “Adventures in Brewville”!  I met Melissa through our Building Social Media Relationships class and a couple of weeks ago, our professor asked us to brainstorm some ideas for our next blog post.

Knowing that Melissa’s blog and her followers would probably not be interested in my blog about beer, at least for the time being, I thought I would offer you some ideas for non-alcoholic beers.

Coors Edge – This beer only contains .5% ABV (alcohol by volume).  It’s double brewed for an authentic taste of the regular Coors.

Labatt Blue De-Alcoholized – This pilsner is only 50 calories with an alcohol content of .5% ABV.  It’s described as a full-bodied pilsner.  This beer goes through the complete fermentation process and then the alcohol is removed while keeping the Labatt Blue flavour.

MADD Virgin Drinks – Virgin Craft Brewed Lager – If you like the hoppy, full bodied type of beer, then this may work for you.

Heiniken 0.0 – This non-alcoholic beer is twice-brewed and fermented with Heineken’s unique A-yeast before the alcohol is removed and the brew blended to achieve a surprisingly authentic fruity flavour with malty notes.   If you love lagers, this may suit you.  Some say that this is a popular beer amongst Millennials, plus, their newest commercial is hilarious

Beck’s – Because of the German purity law of 1516, the alcohol is removed only after the whole brewing process is complete.  This non-alcoholic beer offers a refreshing bitterness with a hint of sweetness.

Budweiser Prohibition Brew – This beer was first brewed during the U.S. Prohibition in the 1920’s & 30’s and was reportedly brewed to the same recipe as Budweiser but without the alcohol.  This beer may not be the best for frequent beer drinkers but it’s cheap and offers an okay alternative.

Most of these are available at your local LCBO and The Beer Store.  Some you can find at a local grocery store or department stores like Walmart!

Hope this helps satisfy your beer buds for the time being!




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