March Break: Downtown Hamilton Edition

The pressure!!

Ahh! It’s March Break and the city is overrun with children! All your favourite coffee shops and downtown haunts have filled their tables with kids, their exhausted parents and very happy business owners πŸ™‚

What is going on specifically in downtown when school’s out for the week? It is currently Wednesday with a few days still left, so I wanted to name some fun things going on in downtown where you can bring your baby/toddler! I’m specifically focusing on the younger kids here because well, that’s what this blog is all about! Plus, it’s not like you can drop them off and let them entertain themselves. So you should enjoy these things too!

The List:

  • Hamilton Children’s Museum- Calling all Harry Potter fans and the like! This year the museum hosts, “March Break Madness: The Magical World of Wizarding”. I’ve never been to the children’s museum myself, but they have transformed the building into a magical school of wizardry! Visitors will learn all about Charms, Potions, Divination and even how to take care of Magical Creatures. Lots for babies to at least look at and for you to be entertained. Bonus: Right next to Gage Park so take a stroll afterwards! Price: Adults $2.50; Infants (under 1 yr): Free; Children: $4.50. *Open from 9:30am-3:30pm
  • Dundurn National Historic Site- Take a guided tour around the castle with a costumed staff member. After, there’s a hands-on discovery gallery you can take part in with your baby. Price: Adults $12; Infants: Free
  • Disney on Ice- How awesome to live downtown right near the center of so many shows! Avoid all the parking chaos and walk or transit to First Ontario Centre’s presentation of Disney on Ice from March 13-March 17th, 2019. It celebrates ‘100 Years of Magic’ with 10 shows over 5 days so you can’t miss out. Price: $25+
  • Art Gallery of Hamilton- This year the gallery hosts “March Break Tea for Kids” which means you can dig into child-approved sandwiches, desserts and traditional teak items for the whole family at the gallery’s Bistro. After your tasty treats, take advantage of their 2 for 1 admission to the gallery’s Level 1 exhibits! Price: Adults $24.99; Children (under 12) $12.49
  • Berkeley North- Bread Making Workshop! Ok ok, so you’re thinking babies and toddlers shouldn’t even be around hot objects. TRUE, but this workshop is more for you than for the babies. The difference is, this restaurant IS one of the “Breastfeeding Friendly” places in downtown Hamilton so why not bring your baby, let your partner/spouse/loved one hang out and babysit while you enjoy bread-making instruction by the restaurant’s own Chef Jon. Plus, you’re right there should they get hungry. Happy Mom, happy baby! Time: March 18th from 6-9pm; Cost: $125 +tax. Spaces limited, only 20 seats per session available.

6 thoughts on “March Break: Downtown Hamilton Edition

  1. I was downtown yesterday to grab a bite to eat with the wife, and we realized that Disney On Ice was going on. Fun to see all the little kiddos walking around in there favourite Disney outfits. I feel like there is so much to do in Hamilton that I haven’t even attempted doing!


  2. My kids are all adults now but this reminds me when they were young and we would do things in and around Hamilton. Your blog would have been helpful in finding things to do as this was the kind of thing I searched for. Good job gathering all the fun things and getting them in one blog!


  3. If anyone has a Hamilton Public Library card, I believe that you can get into the Dundurn Castle and Hamilton Children’s Museum for free. Don’t quote me on that one. But worth checking out.


    1. Yes, that’s right! I will be doing one blog post specifically about libraries because I have learned they have SO MUCH specifically for babies and their parents! And all free. Glad they’ve introduced free entry to cool sites with a card πŸ™‚


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