Hamilton & Breastfeeding

You go, girl!

Happy International Women’s Day! I thought a perfect topic to cover today is something many may not know about living in downtown Hamilton. Did you know there are businesses that openly support a woman’s right to breastfeed in public? Before we get into this, here’s a refresher on breastfeeding laws in Ontario:

According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission:
In Ontario, women are legally protected from discrimination and harassment because of sex. The protection includes pregnancy and breastfeeding. Nursing mothers have the right to breastfeed a child in a public area. No one should prevent a woman from nursing simply because they are in a public area. No one should ask a woman to “cover up”, disturb them or ask them to move to another area that is more discreet.

Despite women having the absolute right to breastfeed in public, many avoid it because of disapproving looks, glares, awkwardness, etc. Hamilton’s Breastfeeding Coalition aims to work together with businesses, organizations, and agencies to ensure that families feel supported to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.  They’ve partnered with establishments in Hamilton who want to serve as “Breastfeeding Friendly Places”. What does this mean? If you see that sticker of the international symbol of breastfeeding (the above picture), the business has agreed to:

  • Train staff on being welcoming and accepting of customers who breastfeed
  • Allow the family to breastfeed undisturbed
  • Deal with patrons who may complain about seeing someone breastfeed *I love this- Someone to speak up and stand up for you!
  • Provide a comfortable location where one can breastfeed *they specifically discourage the bathroom- would YOU eat in the bathroom? Babies shouldn’t either!

For more detailed information, check it out!

Breastfeeding Friendly Places in Downtown Hamilton

Barefoot Babies
164 Ottawa St N

Berkeley North
31 King William St, Hamilton, ON

Blackbird Studios
123 James St N, Hamilton, ON

Cameron Hair Studio
169 James St N, Hamilton, ON

Cottage 13
105 James St N, Hamilton, ON

DeMontigny Boutique | Gallery
197 James St N, Hamilton, ON

Green Bar
236 James St N, Hamilton, ON

Hammocks Monimbo
163 James St N, Hamilton, ON

Kumon Math and Reading Centre
318 Dundurn St South, unit 6

La Bichette
161 James St N, Hamilton, ON

Merit Brewing Co.
107 James St North, Hamilton, ON

Mezza Cafe
Unit 104, 28 James St N, Hamilton, ON

213 James St N, Hamilton, ON

Mulberry Street Coffeehouse
193 James St N, Hamilton, ON

O’s Clothes
150 James St N, Hamilton, ON

The Hearty Hooligan
292 Ottawa Street North

The Pale Blue Dot
240 James St N, Hamilton, ON

The White Elephant
1032 King Street West
133 James Street North

Wild Orchid Restaurant
286 James St N, Hamilton, ON

One thought on “Hamilton & Breastfeeding

  1. I like how these businesses are doing more then just saying you can breast feed here. Providing a space and support are also important until we get past society that gives disapproving looks and glares! This is a helpful list for new #HamOnt moms!

    Liked by 1 person

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