Coffee & Babies

Coffee and parenting go together like wine and cheese, oreos and milk and……well, you get the idea! When your sleep consists merely of consecutive naps and you need to be alert enough to appear functional, that little cup within arm’s reach holds the key to your survival. So in the spirit of all things caffeine, I wanted to focus on cafes in downtown Hamilton where babies are welcome, strollers can fit and maybe even some interesting things happen worth checking out:

Democracy (202 Locke St. S)- This delicious vegetarian/vegan cafe serves plenty of tasty food aside from great coffee and baked goods to enjoy. It is stroller friendly with lots of room inside and seating options such as a couch area with children’s books to keep the little ones preoccupied.

Donut Monster (246 Locke St S)- You’ve probably seen their donuts around town, but have you been to their permanent site? I haven’t yet (it is always so busy for good reason!) but I learned that every Tuesday at 10:30am they hold “Story Time” where they go through a few children’s books, sing a few songs and entertain the kiddies while you refuel on caffeine. This gathering is free, but you’re likely to buy a coffee and donut anyways because well…..they are made on site and are right in front of you! Makes sense to me!

Ward IV Coffee (1441 Main St. E)- For those on the east end of downtown, Ward IV Coffee hosts 10am Tuesday “Tunesday” with “Music with Miss T” singing songs on her guitar. While kids sing and dance to the tunes, you can sip away on your coffee or tea along with some breakfast and lunch items available. Cost? $5 or pay what you can. They also host “Big Coffee with Little Kids” Fridays from 9:30am-11:30am where $4 gets you: a cup of coffee, juice box and a cookie. Bonus: they also have toys, books, LEGO’s, high chairs and change tables on site.

Vintage Coffee Roasters (977 King St. E)- This is a newer spot I haven’t been to yet, but have been told what makes it great is that there are vintage Fisher Price toys at the front for kids to come in and play while parents relax over some coffee and pastry items.

Any other recommendations? Let me know! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Coffee & Babies

  1. Your recommendations seems like ideal places to mix in a play date with catching up with friends while fueling with some coffee. The vintage coffee roasters would be an interesting spot to visit it just to see the vintage fisher price toys and see if it sparks a bit of nostalgia!


    1. Yes I love all three! I think a stroller might be a squeeze for the first two but red church is larger and at least has the gallery at the back! Plus Gore Park across the street. Good suggestion!


  2. Do not forget Steeltown Garage Company on the corner of Barton and James. Although perceived as a motorcycle store, they are all about good coffee, cute kids and friendly service! Owners Jeff and Tania are wicked people. Worth a visit!


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