Pregnant & Laid off

I’m going to change things up on here a bit and discuss something that is on my mind after a good sob. As I have mentioned in my bio, I have been working in pharmaceutical sales as a rep that past 9 or so years for various companies. It’s a job that I can say I have really enjoyed. By the time I had entered this field, it had become highly regulated and the depictions of it on tv and film aren’t at all what I do- those were the 90s from what I am told which is before my time. So, as a side note, I never have had any internal struggle for what I do and I take healthcare and ethics very seriously. About a year ago I was relieved to get out of my contract-based job into a solid, full time specialized job at a super reputable company. It was perfect timing- wedding in May, baby on the horizon….stability! Which is what so many of us my age (late 20s to 30s are looking for).

We were warned about impending changes in November- small murmurings but the extent wasn’t actually known until Wednesday when it was announced and insinuated that this cut would be deeper than anyone expected. While it seems like it’s easy to sort those who make it from those who don’t- good results, experience, etc etc…..surprisingly none of that matters in pharma. It comes down to numbers- compensation, what you’re worth…..pure, vague mathematics so a company is happy with the outcome and so are shareholders. Despite excellent results achieved, experience under my belt and not costing the company as much as others, I got slashed. Actually, my whole team and manager essentially got let go.

But wait- you’re pregnant, you say! Well, indeed I am, but despite joking about it to colleagues that I had some protection, it is a long-held myth. I looked into this about two months ago and it is true- that if the company is undergoing extensive layoffs and your being let go has nothing to do with you being pregnant, you are just as likely as the next person to be laid off.

What do you say when you’re told during a layoff that an employment company will help you and you should take advantage of their services? I was at a loss for words. I mean, tell me who will hire a 6 month, visibly pregnant person who will soon go on mat leave? There are easy enough ways to avoid hiring that person. So here I am.

When baby boomers rant about today’s ‘millennials’ who lack loyalty, grit and are lazy, I ask them to tell me how can this generation possibly……ok sobbing again. Alright, how can this generation learn loyalty when companies have none towards new hires nowadays? We have become their disposable workers, willing to be paid less than others and accept these things simply because we want a better life in hopes to move out of our parent’s houses, have a family……etc etc.

Here I now sit, waiting on my severance package, wondering how the next year or so will shape up. We will ultimately be fine, but this is the new situation Scott and I find ourselves in. I’m happy we at least live downtown and close enough to amenities after they take my car away mid-March. Anyways, thanks for listening to me rant. I imagine a lot more gym time and cake baking to take up my days until June. How unfortunate I am pregnant when a bottle or two of wine would certainly befit this moment. Til next post… I’ll get back to the regularly scheduled program. I think up next- Coffee & Kiddies.


5 thoughts on “Pregnant & Laid off

  1. I have no words for this – I’m so sorry that they did that to you. From what I’ve seen in class this semester, you are such a strong and intelligent woman – it’s definitely their loss! If you need someone to rant to – I would be happy to listen. Sending positive thoughts your way!

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  2. Perhaps the adversity will make you stronger, and more prepared to be a mother! My wife too is pregnant and I couldn’t imagine relying on one salary all while trying to prepare for a baby.


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