Professional Parent- sort of

Looks like Scott and I finished the City of Hamilton’s public health prenatal course. Does this mean we know what to do with a baby? Heck no! As much as they discuss “life with baby” (part 2 is post-birth), I can assure you we will not remember come June. However, they must know this since they send everyone home with plenty of handouts with helpful resources just a phone call away. Is it bad that the most memorable part was the Slurp! Ramen we got again at the Farmers Market afterwards?? Just kidding. The course was super helpful and it got us talking about all the various things we learned over our slurpy, delicious soup. I figure it is great for current, future, or just plain interested people to know what we have here in Hamilton to raise a baby- so read on below if you’d like to know more!

Aside from learning how much we really DON’T need to purchase for a newborn (crib mobiles, newborn mittens…..the list goes on!), I thought to focus on the community and city resources we have to help make raising a newborn, a bit easier. As luck would have it, they are ALL located downtown! Another win for the city! Here they are in no particular order:

Need tips on installing a car seat?

Need help with breastfeeding? Lots of local options!

Want to ensure your baby is sleeping safely?

How do I cope with a crying baby?

It’s great knowing our public health unit and local organizations are all readily available for any support you need if/when you have a little one. No one starts off knowing everything, so reach out! Ask questions and get support. That is what they are there for 🙂


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