Baby Gear Catwalk

They can’t tell I’m staring, right?

You drive what brand? What model year is it? What’s the safety rating? Oh really? As I walk through parking lots, drive down a neighbourhood side street or wait at the checkout line with my groceries, I can’t help but do a quick scan on what stroller a parent is using. It’s awful and crazy and I’ve become that person. I even got caught looking at a stroller last week and quickly explained to the mom that I was just checking out the brand since I was shopping for one so I wouldn’t look like a creep. I didn’t care about her baby- I only cared about what stroller she chose. That’s creepy. I’m creepy. And I think all new parents are when it comes to baby gear. How quickly you learn what brands there are out there, the vague price points of them (very expensive, expensive, or cheap are the categories), and the judgments you unintentionally make about them and ultimately about yourself.

If you were a stroller brand, what brand would you be? It’s crazy, but think about it- any material possessions we all carry around with us- the brand of shoes worn, even the chapstick we pull out to use, all say something about us. It’s no wonder baby gear has also become a part of our ‘brand’. It’s interesting how quickly one can become accustomed to what is ‘normal’ and ‘common’. Scott and I walked around a newer, affluent neighbourhood in Toronto a few weeks ago and noticed the same expensive brand of stroller everywhere. It is likely the same case in other affluent neighbourhoods. It’s not just about the stroller though. The subtle objects on display- your diaper bag, the toy your child is playing with, are all symbols of your status other moms can easily recognize by the style and brand. Perhaps they blend in more where a few key labels are king. But downtown where there is greater income disparity, do certain items stick out more and seem much more obnoxious? Makes me wonder.

I’ll be interested in seeing how many people try and take discreet glances while judging our gear selection this summer. But it’s o.k- I did it and it’s human nature to be curious anyways! And if no strollers or gear out there prevent a child from pooping, throwing up or crying, maybe getting an indulgent brand of your choosing can be the one sweet joy for a parent in an otherwise sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated, diaper-filled day.


2 thoughts on “Baby Gear Catwalk

  1. LOL this post I totally get! I remember running around with twins thinking I needed to be cool with my gear but being a single mom couldn’t do it sooo…I got a little crafty with “one of a kind” cool stuff. It worked and I was cool again… talk about repurposing and making it new


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