Yummy Mummies

In this cold and blustery weather, I find myself 6 episodes deep in Netflix’s show, “Yummy Mummies” that is a total soul-sucking, eye-roll inducing, addictive, guilty pleasure. The show features four very-pregnant wealthy housewives- Maria, Lorinska, Jane and Rachel, navigating important pre-baby decisions such as having lavish ‘babymoon’ trips to the ritzy Gold Coast, solving shopping conundrums at designer boutique shops, planning baby showers that induce envy in the others….you know, the usual stuff!

Here is a sneak peek:

Interested? Terrified? This show is like a sober version of the Rich Housewives franchises- but still full of the drama and the gag-inducing displays of wealth you may love. Or hate. Or still be on the fence about like myself. I can’t help but be both repulsed at the cattiness, nastiness and competitiveness and unable to look away. Anyways, if you’re interested in checking out what “Yummy Mummy” is all about, prepare some snacks, stretch your eye sockets and be grateful that you aren’t agonizing whether the baby prefers Versace or Dior. Enjoy! Let me know if you catch an episode.


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