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How is it that I am still terrible at layering?! These past few days have tested my cold climate-bearing skills and it suffices to say, I still suck. Then again, I work a job that involves time spent outside and not in a comfy, temperature-controlled cube. Lucky cube people. These past few days have also made me aware of how our glass condo struggles to retain heat! This had me think of how we will keep the baby warm enough next winter- get a space heater? Do they sell baby-safe magic bags? Hm. I’m slightly concerned…

Either way, this post is not about those things. Or the squirrel that’s built a nest on our balcony that I’m too kind to kick out in this weather. Rather, it’s what the heck to do when the cold, harsh Canadian winter is here and you have a baby. After some digging, I’ve listed some unique events for this winter to go to in/near downtown Hamilton. So enjoy and maybe pick up a hot chocolate while you’re out 🙂

Baby-friendly winter events in/near downtown Hamilton:

WinterFest 2019:

  • Feb. 1- Central Library Family Story Time: 10:30am
  • Feb. 2- The Canteen at Gage Park: 11am- 9pm (fire pit, story telling, tasty food and hot drinks, maple syrup taffy, live music)
  • Feb. 5- SoupFest: 11:30am- 8:30pm (Hamilton Convention Centre); free shuttles from BayFront Park available
  • Feb. 16- Early Morning Risers: 7:30am- 9am (Free, at Hamilton Children’s Museum)
  • Feb 18- Family Arts Day: 9am (Free, at Hamilton Conservatory for The Arts

These are a snippet of the most baby-friendly, events but the full listing of all-age events are here:

Other winter-friendly, accessible baby ideas:

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Baby-friendly for strollers, feeding, AND FREE on the first Friday of every month! Open 11am-8pm.

More info:

Royal Botanical Gardens: Easily accessible by bus from downtown Hamilton, the main center has lots to check out. Currently: Spiders Alive! January 19-April 14, open daily; free for kids under 4 yrs old and tons of entertainment for kids on weekends.

Full schedule:

Raffi: Live concert on April 6th- Is this for you or the baby? Either way, you both get to hear a Canadian icon sing “Baby Beluga” and other nostalgic favourites at First Ontario Concert Hall.

Ticket information:

Any other events this winter that are baby-friendly? Where else to people go when it’s freezing outside?


3 thoughts on “Cold & Canadian

    1. True! Yes, I know a few who have gone to that. Good suggestion! It’s too bad Cineplex theatres are all on the mountain or suburbs. I wonder if Landmark has something at Jackson Square? GREAT theater if you’ve never been- huge, lay back new seats, pick your seat ahead of time, it’s a hidden gem. Thanks for the reminder about these programs!

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